About the Project

It is an annual local exhibition that aims to introduce community members to the required qualifications and skills, as well as the job opportunities available in various employment sectors. The exhibition includes participation from several institutions and companies specializing in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, and human resources. These companies offer job opportunities to individuals with technical skills and expertise.

The Journey of Ta’ahab Began from Here:


Once upon a time, in a period of social distancing, in the year 2020! An ambitious team with a powerful slogan: "Create your own glory instead of waiting for opportunities." At that time, we hosted a virtual exhibition for the internship, and the number of attendees did not exceed 200 people.

Hence, the beginning...


Hence, the beginning... In the era of novels and endless possibilities, the idea began to take shape! Sharing the dream, we are a promising partner in it.


We continued our journey of sharing the dream, and in 2023, we held the second edition of the "Taahab" exhibition, deviating from the usual concept of employment fairs. We have embraced technology and paved the way for creating opportunities for all dreamers. For more information, click here


Event Report


And the dream will continue!


To Be Continued

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